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Inter-MS sp. z o.o. was founded in 1994. Since its inception, the Company has been operating in the IT technologies business, serving the customers from Silesia, Southern and Central Poland.

Inter-MS deals with manufacturing, trading and services. Its head office is located in Katowice.

In its operations, the Company focuses on a few areas:

Building technologies: design and production of low-current installations:

  • IT networks:

    • including:

      • structural cabling,
      • telecommunications systems,
      • computer networks,

  • Building Management Systems (BMS);
  • fire detection and signalling systems;
  • smoke removal systems;
  • sonic alarm systems (DSO);
  • flood detection systems;
  • carbon oxygen detection systems;
  • CCTV systems;
  • access control systems;
  • burglar alarm systems;
  • call systems;
  • automatic air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC);
  • utilities monitoring and analysis systems;
  • cable television systems;
  • sound amplification systems;
  • car park management systems;
  • and dedicated power supply systems and emergency power systems.
Control systems: presentation and offer of utility solutions, based on cutting-edge technology of controllers and software, to a wide group of customers

Possible areas of applications:

  • Surveillance and alarm systems.

    • Functional versions:

      • Electric traction monitoring system.
      • Fence monitoring systems (wired, wireless, geo-seismic).
      • People detection systems (intruders and service teams) in telecommunications vaults and channels.
      • Monitoring and theft detection system for overhead high-voltage cables.
      • Working time monitoring systems and reverse parking systems for building machines.
      • Systems for monitoring levels of underground water and its contamination with carbon derivatives
      • Monitoring and security systems for priority areas.

  • Control systems for road lighting adaptation.

    This system enables adjustment of road lighting intensity to the current conditions and needs, adjustment of lamp brightness to traffic levels, lighting intensity adjustment for popular light sources (in particular sodium discharge lamps) with simultaneous improvement of the power factor, centralisation of lighting control at municipal or communal levels, supervision over the technical condition of lighting, detection of attempts to open control cabinets, traffic congestion measurement. These functions may also be expanded by adding wireless Internet access for roadside buildings.

  • Monitoring system for motor vehicle traffic in a given area.

    In general, the system is designed for industrial plants, community security companies, uniformed services and others for whom it is essential to know where a monitored object is, whether it follows the scheduled route, what actual route it takes, where and for how long it stops , etc.

  • route monitoring subsystem.

  • Decision support system.

  • Software: design and production of software, integration of dedicated IT systems with necessary infrastructure and consulting in implementation and application development.

  • Services: consulting, IT outsourcing, training, service of low-current machines and systems, multimedia, servers, computers and equipment, Internet services
Inter-MS provides a complete offer, designed both for big customers from the key economic sectors, such as the public sector, the financial sector, uniformed services, telecommunications and industry, as well as medium and small-sized companies and individual customers.

The Company provides its services, as a supplier or a contractor, to the end user directly, as well as acting as a subcontractor, responsible for a clearly defined scope of work.

In its business, Inter-MS focuses on ensuring an adequate life cycle for every product supplied to the Customer, starting from the design and cost estimate phase, through complex and overall execution including delivery of equipment, to a final acceptance of the assignment and provision of after-sales and warranty service.

Our aim is to provide professional services to all the Customers. Thinking about them, we employ highly-qualified specialists, who continue to further improve their skills. Experience, professionalism and creativity allow us to offer best solutions and tailor-made options to all the Customers.
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